Current Project

I aim to create a series of wood engraved prints about the semi-rural area in which I live. I intend to portray some of the characterful personalities residing within this neighbourhood, their interaction within the community, and with the land.

This is a relatively small area, however the sense of community spirit to be found here is very strong. I feel a greater sense of cohesion in this countryside setting than I have in any of the towns and cities in which I have previously lived.


There are community-led projects happening all the time to make small improvements to the land and utility of the local facilities, whilst maintaining the Bridge of Canny’s essentially rural setting. A host of different people work together on these projects, all bringing their skills, knowledge and experience to the wider benefit of the whole.


There are also many for whom their individual interaction with the land and nature is relevant to such a project. The nexus for many of these interactions is the local Village Hall.

It is my intention to study some of the local characters and their relationship within the community and with the land to make a collection of ‘Canny Characters’ in wood engravings.


This project is due to be finished in 2020