About Carine....

Carine Eunson is an artist residing in North East Scotland.   She graduated in 2000 with an honour’s degree in Fine Art - Printmaking from Gray’s School of Art.

After graduating, Carine worked in the digital print industry adding a deep understanding of graphic design and high standard of finishing, to her skill set.

In 2009 Carine stopped working to start a family. During this time she spent three years living in Malaysia where, although not practising, her interest in art remained, particularly in Islamic art and Batik textiles.  She found the intricate patterns within the designs fascinating, as often images are made up from patterns on the fabric.

Since returning to Scotland in 2013 Carine has chosen to live in the countryside where she is inspired by the nature all around her. After creating a series of drawings of birds and animals, she signed up to do a workshop in wood engraving with Chris Daunt in January, 2016 and has since spent her spare time producing wood engravings and prints.


See the videos to understand how complicated and intricate the work is.



Photographs taken during work in progress and shows.

Upcoming Shows

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